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Becoming Marta

by Lorea Canales

Marta is a 26 year-old from the upper crust of Mexican society. She seems to have it all: beauty, wealth, and an aristocratic name. Yet she feels empty. With the death of her adoptive mother, Marta loses her connection to the world against which she had always rebelled. Adding insult to injury, her father remarries only six months after her mother’s death, and her biological mother is a stranger who cannot meet Marta’s expectations. And love? For Marta, love is defined by deceit and disappointment. Glamorous and dazed, Marta runs away from and then returns to her past, inhabiting the outskirts of other people’s worlds.

Lorea Canales weaves a complex web about contemporary Mexico. Becoming Marta grabs you from the start and never lets up, speeding along through its seductive settings: Pacific coast beach houses, Manhattan’s high-end art scene, and exclusive enclaves in Mexico City.

Becoming Marta presents an x-ray of the fluctuating relationships in the highest stratum of today’s Mexico. In the tradition of Thackeray, Easton Ellis, Salvador Novo, and Jorge Ibarguengoitia, it embodies the fears and tensions of upper-class youth, to frame a smart and funny novel.

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