Submission Guidelines

Submissions can be sent via email or via snail mail to:

James Fitzgerald Agency
118 Waverly Pl., #1B
New York, NY 10011

As an agency, we primarily represent books that reflect the popular culture of today being in the forms of fiction, non-fiction, graphic and packaged books. In order to have your work considered for possible representation, the following information must be submitted. Please submit all information in English even if your manuscript is in another language.


Submit a complete manuscript as a word document.

Cover Letter

Should not be longer than one page. This is an introductory letter of yourself and your book. This should include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.


One to two page synopsis that describes your book’s content. If this is a non-fiction book, tell us the purpose of your book. What need does it fulfill? Provide statistics if available.

Author Biography

Explain your previous writing history and why you are uniquely qualified to write this book. In the case of fiction, have any of your works been published, by whom and how many copies have they sold? Do you have any short stories or articles that have been published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies and have you received any awards? In the case of non-fiction, what makes you qualified to write this book, are you an acknowledged expert or have any specialized training on this subject?

Selling the Book

Explain how will you help sell the book once it is published. What contacts do you have with the media, do you have a monthly column, a radio show, a web site? Are you a member of a relevant association that will help promote the book? Are you willing to organize workshops, lectures, etc. to promote your book?


What books are in print that most resemble your book? How does you book differ from each of these books? What makes your book similar to one of those successful books and what makes it unique?


An estimated word count of your final manuscript. Is the manuscript complete or how much time do you think you will need to complete? Has this manuscript or proposal been sent to other agents and/or publishers and what was the outcome? Will the book include any illustrations, pictures, tables, etc.? Please note that authors are usually responsible for providing and purchasing the rights for any art or reprinted material.

Table of Contents/Outline

For fiction, a one to two page outline of the chapters. For non-fiction, a one to three page table of contents with a brief description of each of the chapters.

Sample Chapter

A chapter that best represents the book’s basic premise as well as your writing ability.

Please do not submit any original newspaper or magazine articles, photocopies work best. If you have a video or cassette where you have appeared, we recommend you include that but make sure it’s not your only copy.


Make a valuable first impression, the material doesn’t need to be fancy but needs to be well organized.

Submitting the Book

While we do read every proposal that we receive, we will contact you only if we are interested in seeing more. Hence, there is no need to enclose an SASE with materials sent by snail mail unless you want your materials to be returned. Please do not call or e-mail to see if your submission has arrived; if verification of delivery is needed, please use certified mail or UPS or FedEx. If you would like to have the proposal returned to you, a self-addressed stamped envelope must be included. Please do not send any original art or anything of value that cannot be replaced, things do get lost in the mail.

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