James Fitzgerald

James_fitzgeraldJames Fitzgerald has been a literary agent since 2000. He has run his own agency since 2003. His authors include Dennis Hopper, Sonny Barger of the Hell’s Angels, Andy Greenwald, Osho, Ed Sanders, David Carradine, Blair Tindall, Dale Maharidge, Dane Huckelbridge, Christine Reilly, Steven Blush, Lorea Canales, Danica Davidson, Legs McNeil, Marc Spitz, Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn, The Village Voice, True West magazine, photographer Michael Williamson, Michael Wallis and Jim Steinmeyer. Prior to being an agent he was an editor at St. Martin’s Press where he published Generation X, John (Rotten) Lydon’s autobiography and four of Leni Riefenstahls’s books, Sarah Vowell and Ice-T, Lev Grossman, Pagan Kennedy, and Red Meat. Prior to that he was an editor at Doubleday where he worked with Papa John Phillips, David Bowie, Ruth Montgomery, Arnold Palmer, Nick Tosches, cartoonist Robert Crumb and photographers William Eggleston, Amy Arbus and Neil Leifer. Fitzgerald is also the author of six books including the infamous First Family Paper Doll and Cut-Out Book and A-Rod: Major League Hero. As an agent, he is interested in l’aujourd’hui, good stories, good writing and a good peppery soup.