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Winning Go: Successful Moves from the Opening to the Endgame  by Richard Bozulich and Peter Shotwell

Published by Tuttle Publishing, September 2010

This is the first problem book in English to cover the entire game of Go by illustrating the nuances of the opening (fuseki), middle (chuban) and endgame (yose). Also included are chapters on clever moves (tesuji), life and death (shikatsu), how to win corner skirmishes (joseki), and how to accurately count. Its 203 problems and their commented answers demonstrate to the reader not only successful moves, but also the wrong moves and why they are wrong. This enables both players and teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses in their games. From opening play to the endgame, Winning Go is an essential tool in helping serious players master the sophisticated sequence and flow of advanced Go play.

Peter Shotwell is an internationally known expert on the relationship of Go to Eastern and Western philosophy, literature, and history. He is also the author of Go! More Than a Game and Go Basics.

Richard Bozulich is one of the worldAEs most prolific authorAEs of Go books. He is the publisher of Go World magazine and writes a Go column for the Daily Yomiuri. He is the author of over 100 Go titles, including All about Ko, Get Strong at Tesuji, and Handicap Go.