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The Organ Broker  by Stu Strumwasser

Published by Skyhorse Publishing, 2015

The Organ Broker is the thrilling story of an underground black market organ dealer known as “New York Jack.” For eighteen years Jack has been a “transplant tourism director,” sending wealthy Americans and Europeans in need of kidneys and other organs to third world countries where they would buy them from transplant centers on the take. The death of a client and a newfound relationship lead to a crisis of conscience as he is forced to choose between a two million dollar commission—and participating in a murder. Jack races to South Africa, Brazil, and beyond, just one step ahead of his adversary and the FBI, in search of one small act of redemption.

As a disaffected youth in the late eighties, Jack Trayner entered the criminal world, selling coke when he needed money to pay his way through college. Although he later graduated from law school, an opportunity to earn easy money eventually seduced him into the bizarre and illegal black market for organs—a business that some consider horrendous and a small number of others deem to be heroic. The dual nature of this business assuaged Jack’s guilt and allowed him to flourish, yet the death of a client makes what he is doing all too real. The Organ Broker represents Jack’s confession.

The international black market sale of organs is very real and operates at this very moment behind closed hospital doors in many cities all around the world. It is a world that most people are only vaguely aware exists, and few of us know much, if anything, about, until now—in the pages of the confession of New York Jack.

"...a real eye-opener."- Publishers Weekly
"...an outstanding new novel...speaks loud and clear about a critical issue of our times."-Mysterious Book Report

“Exciting and thought-provoking—the perfect package.” -Lee Child, New York Times # 1 bestselling author

“Tension and turmoil add up to high stakes suspense in this all too real thriller, about a seedy and sordid world that rings with authenticity. The line between right and wrong is not only smudged, its smeared across the page.” -Steve Berry, New York Times # 1 bestselling author

"Powerful, original, and gut-wrenching. Stu Strumwasser takes us into the foreboding world of black market organ brokers, where each line crossed proves more dangerous than the last."
-Barry Lancet, author of Japantown and Tokyo Kill

"...the novel is crafted as a confession...explores the shadowy world of black market organ trafficking."-Cornell Alumni Magazine

Stu Strumwasser was born in Queens and raised in Lynbrook, New York. After graduating from Cornell University, he quickly became a successful businessman, working for several firms on Wall Street before founding Snow Beverages and serving as the company’s CEO for six years. He is currently the cofounder and COO of Tengrade, a social rating tool. Strumwasser is also the drummer and songwriter for indie rock band Channeling Owen. This is his first published novel.