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The Dress  by Michael Hemmingson

Published by Running Press

She may not want it, but I have to see her in it. I looked at it a long time, preparing myself for worship. Close fitting at the neck; simple short sleeves. Nothing fancy. Just brazen and so very short. I got out my mental measuring tape. I knew it measured a full inch shorter than her shortest dress. The possibilities were wonderful.

An astonishing story. I recommended this book for my book club and it caused quite a stir. Most of the women in my book club were shocked by the story and demurred to attend our discussion. Three brave men (including my conservative husband) and ONE other woman besides myself had the liveliest conversation about the three main characters.

It is highly erotic book, sure. But it is more than that; it is the story of marital ennui and what happens when a couple steps outside the bounds of their marital contract. A husband, a wife, and a dangerous third party explore HOW the erotic impulse serves the self OR the sacred other. The story incisively illustrates what might be unleashed by lust rather than love. It (quite wisely) explores what might happen in the absence of any reasonable constraint.

If you want your erotica to make you think, read it. Otherwise, crack open a nice, safe, boring book like (urp) "Shades of Grey".

- Judith on Goodreads.com

I want to say this story was inspired by true events, a letter, perhaps, that the author received or came across in a magazine, who then followed up with it's owner. I remarkable story. I read it twice. A ton of details in the beginning, (mostly about three dresses) but if you forget the specifics you can still follow the story. Both shocking and touching. Heart warming in places and wicked in others. Couples looking to spice up their relationship might want to read this, or then again they may want to steer clear. All well that ends well, right? Sort of.

- JW on Goodreads.com

Michael Hemmingson was a novelist, short story writer, literary critic, cultural anthropologist, qualitative researcher, playwright, and screenwriter. Hemmingson won the San Diego Book Awards Association's first Novel-in-Progress grant for The Rose of Heaven and SDBAA’s Best Published novel for Wild Turkey. His media study monograph, Star Trek: A Post-Structural Critique of the Original Series, was a 2010 finalist nominee for General Non-fiction Book.