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The Comfort of Women  by Michael Hemmingson

Published by Blue Moon Books

After being celibate for five years, Nicky Bayless very quickly makes up for lost time after landing a fluke fellowship from the local university. Nicky is aided — and comforted — in his education by a parade of women who both lead and follow him through an underworld of sexual extremism.

I enjoy some good erotic reads but too much of this book was a little beyond what I would discribe as erotic. Some of the girls fetishes were just gross - I guess people enjoy toilet acts but not me. The more erotic episodes were truly fine and worth the read but some I just had to skip over. So anytime I have to skip over too much unless it is historical cluttering up a good erotic romance - then a lower star rating for me. If you like extremes then you will be ok with this book.
- J. Brennan
There are what I would call some pretty nasty parts in this book and it's for that reason that perhaps this book should come with a warning label that says 'Not to be bought by readers who find anal sex unappitizing' ........
Amazingly, even with a lot of back door type of activity (which went way over the top on a couple of occasions) I gave this book 5 stars because this author has managed to capture real life experiences of women, submitting to their bodies, and women, allowing a man to enter into that very very private world of real sexual desire, and not that missionary sex that everyone would be expecting from her.
Nicky Bayless, the hero of our story, has that non-judgemental style and personality that totally disarms the women he meets and allows them total freedom of real sexual and erotic expression with a more than willing partner ...
That very natural and real life manner and speech the author depicts in this book is stunning, and, for me the reader, certainly brought back memories of people and events long passed and stored away .... Thank you Micheal Hemmingson.
- Rudolf Spoerer

Michael Hemmingson was a novelist, short story writer, literary critic, cultural anthropologist, qualitative researcher, playwright, and screenwriter. Hemmingson won the San Diego Book Awards Association's first Novel-in-Progress grant for The Rose of Heaven and SDBAA’s Best Published novel for Wild Turkey. His media study monograph, Star Trek: A Post-Structural Critique of the Original Series, was a 2010 finalist nominee for General Non-fiction Book.