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Sharon Tate: A Life  by Ed Sanders

Published by Da Capo Press, January 2016

In 1971, Ed Sanders published The Family, his insider’s account of the Manson family murders; it was an immediate sensation. Using the same investigative skills and insider contacts that informed his counterculture classic, Sanders delivers the definitive account of the brief and tragic life of Sharon Tate.

The biography takes a close look at Tate’s life—from her itinerant childhood and early career in fashion to her transition to film, passionate marriage to the brilliant and troubled Roman Polanski, and violent murder at the hands of the Manson family cult. Sanders’s Sharon Tate offers new insights into what happened on the night of her death and explores new motives for the targeting of the Polanski household.

Illustrated with Rick Veitch’s evocative images, Sharon Tate is required reading for anyone fascinated by the dark side of the ’60s.

“Sanders takes a look at the doe-eyed actress's life and death.”
-Elle, January 2016

“If you were on the fence about Roman Polanski, Sanders' book is sure to push you to the thumbs-down side.”
-New York Post, “Required Reading,” 1/16/16

“Sanders seems to resist stepping in where he doesn't feel he can, or should, hold forth, and this feels respectful…Sharon Tate: A Life is a decent project, dutiful and worthy of acknowledgment; as a read, it has moments…The senseless violence of Tate's death superseded her; at least Ed nails that senselessness.”

-New Republic, 1/12/16

Ed Sanders is a poet, political activist and member of the folk-rock pranksters The Fugs. He is the author of many books including Tales of Beatnik Glory, the verse biographies Chekhov and The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg, and the three volumes of verse history, America: A History in Verse. He lives in Woodstock, New York.