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Novena: The Power of Prayer  by Barbara Calamari & Sandra Dipasqua

Published by Kindle Direct Publishing

Today’s spirituality movement stresses the holistic value and the power of prayer. But one special, long-established form of intention and affirmation has been overlooked: the novena. Perennially popular in the Catholic Church, a novena is a nine-day period of prayer for a particular grace or intention, often offered as a supplication to a saint with expertise in a particular area. Novena, a volume that will enchant the eye and touch the soul, traces its history and brings together thirty-six of the best-known novenas. Each is accompanied by a luminous image of its affiliated saint–fiercely beautiful and intensely human–adapted, with a contemporary air, from a traditional prayer card; by a brief discussion of the saint’s life and particular specialty; and by instructions on when, and why, to use the novena. Novena is divided into four sections: novenas to the saints, the angels, the madonna (each revealing a different aspect of her personality), and the Divinity. An appendix cross-references specific concerns with appropriate novenas: We learn how the saints themselves transcended such problems as a turbulent youth, a difficult marriage, or abuse. The ideal gift for Easter and Mother’s Day, this jewel of a book has year-round bestselling potential.

Authors Barbara Calamari and Sandra DiPasqua give readers another invaluable resource for saintly intercession, prayer and personal edification with The Novena Book: The Power of Prayer

- Lisa M. Hendley

Barbara Calamari is a freelance writer who has worked in both film and television. Sandra Di Pasqua is a graphic designer and art director. Both authors live in New York City.