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New York Rock  by Steven Blush

Published by St. Martin's Griffin, 2016

As a city that represents endless possibilities, New York has been the setting for the dawning of new movements, styles, and genres. In the 20th century, the birth of Rock represented a connection between art forms and the city’s socioeconomic, racial, and sexual variants. New York Rock breaks down the rock scene’s half-century connection to New York and analyzes its distinct subculture through the prism of influences, crosscurrents and psychoactive distractions. Over 1,500 musicians, clubs, and labels, from Madonna to the Ramones, held roles in the making of New York Rock, and it’s their contributions that created this iconic art form. A compilation of firsthand narratives about each genre of rock, from Punk New Wave and Glitter Rock to New York Hardcore and Indie rock, New York Rock is the ultimate illustrated account of Rock’s role in New York City.


“Finally a book about rock ‘n’ roll that does what pricey cable dramas cannot: Steven Blush’s New York Rock (St. Martin’s) is rich with stories about the rise of the Velvet Underground and the ruin of CBGB.” — Vanity Fair

“Author Steven Blush’s go-to book about the sub-cultures of rock n’ roll is packed with anecdotes from 1,500 musicians, journalists, artists and club owners from Joey Ramone to Andy Warhol.” — Parade

“Writer/editor Steven Blush, best known for the classic 2001 oral history American Hardcore, blazes a similar trail in his scholarly new publication New York Rock: From the Rise of The Velvet Underground to the Fall of CBGB (St. Martin’s Press). — Salon

“New York Rock is the ultimate illustrated account of Rock's role in New York City.” — Chris Frantz, Talking Heads

“Written in their own voices, an excellent history of New York City rock. What a cool book!” — Bun E. Carlos, Cheap Trick

Steven Blush is the Author of the cult classics American Hardcore, American Hair Metal, .45 Dangerous Minds, and Lost Rockers. He wrote and coproduced the documentary American Hardcore, based on his book. Blush was the editor and publisher of the award-winning Seconds interview magazine. He lives in New York.