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Kinderwhore  by Deanna M. Lehman

Published by James Fitzgerald Agency

Deanna is a little girl physically, sexually and psychologically abused, leading to her removal from her biological mother’s custody into foster care. After two failed adoptions, she becomes a troubled teen and is placed in mental institutions, a children’s home, juvenile detention, reformatory school and foster homes, as a ward of the State of Ohio, throughout the Eighties and into the Nineties. Yet consistently through her journey of haunted hardships and wistful yearnings, she is still able to capture the joy and beauty of existence, more precious for its rarity in her rootless, tumultuous existence. This book covers theme of love and loss, betrayal and striving to be accepted in a world that doesn’t seem to care. This accounting is not just a coming-of-age tale but also an overview of the federal system set in place for abused children, including hospitalization for behavioral difficulties and vivid testimony of Deanna’s unfortunate peers experiencing similar woes.

“Kinderwhore is an often dark tale, but it's both lively and vivid. It's a book you'll remember.”

- Richard Kadrey

New York Times best selling author of the Sandman Slim series.

“A tumultuous tale and wild ride of a read, Kinderwhore leaves us wanting more.”

- Mike Diana

Underground comic artist for Boiled Angel and Superfly.

“Deanna M. Lehman has broken new literary and psychological ground. She brings hidden events that are universal in nature out of their eternal dark places and cares for the sentences with which she characterizes them as though they were her own non-neglected children. Children who are abused have no vocabulary to communicate their experiences. Ms. Lehman has actually found the exact words and created the vocabulary that all of us need to grasp the issue of child neglect and abuse --- which has, beyond a doubt, been with humanity since the beginning of time. This is absolutely a landmark accomplishment. She has made inroads in a field of experience that to this day, even in the best of circumstances, is still dominated by comfortable dismissals and overly-easy explanations. Deanna M. Lehman is a pioneer in unexplored territory. Kinderwhore is a unique achievement. It stands alone in what it has accomplished.”          

- Dr. Laurence Hunt

“A harrowing tell-tale. A must read.”

- Robert Heide

Author and writer for The Village Voice.



Deanna M. Lehman was born in Wytheville, Virginia and grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio but has also lived in Florida, Japan, New York and West Virginia. In 2003, she graduated Aomori University and was the first Westerner to do so in all Northeastern Japan. Before becoming an author, Deanna has been an exotic dancer, an English teacher, an editor, an escort, a writer for an art magazine, an actress, a spoken word performer/poet and the creator and editor-in-chief for two zines, Pandora's Box and Lollygag. She is the proud mother of two children, Fiona and Sebastian Shibutani.