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Independently Animated: Bill Plympton  by David B. Levy and Bill Plympton

Published by Universe, March 2011

The life and art of “the King of Indie Animation.” The only modern animator to personally hand-draw every frame in all of his work, Academy Award–nominee Bill Plympton eschewed a career in the high-paying but soul-crushing Hollywood animation industry to explore his own creativity as an independent filmmaker. Called “mischievous, mordant, analytical, and ceaselessly imaginative” by the New York Times, and hailed simply as “God” by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Plympton is widely regarded as the hardest-working, most prolific animator in the business. His instantly recognizable and unique style catapulted him into the pop culture stratosphere and cemented his place in the pantheon of animation greats. In Independently Animated, the winner of countless animation and filmmaking awards juxtaposes the story of his life and art against the backdrop of the overall animation industry. It chronicles Plympton’s life from his childhood of Saturday morning cartoons to his most current and certainly adult-skewing animation. The book contains hundreds of pieces of art from his films, as well as never-before-seen drawings, doodles, production notes, and a full filmography.

"Bill Plympton is God. Or he has sold his soul. I'm not sure. On or the other."
--Matt Groening

" I suspect I am not the only Bill Plympton fan who's longed for a book that would allow me to linger over his distinctive artwork and savor the warped sense of humor that permeates every drawing. My wish has now been granted. Being able to learn about his life and career and trace the evolution of his approach to animation makes this handsome volume all the more valuable."
-- Leonard Maltin

"Bill's work was an early inspiration, he always surprises."
-- Darren Aronofsky

Bill Plympton is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker and illustrator/cartoonist whose work has appeared in such magazines as Viva, Penthouse, Rolling Stone, National Lampoon, and Glamour. He personally draws and colors each of the cels for his animated films. He lives in New York City.