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Dropping the Gloves: Inside the Fiercely Combative World of Professional Hockey  by Barry Melrose and Roger Vaughan

Published by McClelland & Stewart Ltd., October 2012

Dropping the Gloves candidly tracks Barry Melrose’s career in hockey – a road that has not changed substantially for today’s aspiring players. Not many have Melrose’s credentials or his breadth of experience in professional hockey. He’s played and coached in Junior Hockey, the American Hockey League, and the NHL. As he says, he’s been hired and fired, and had his share of disappointments and failures. He’s also had successes at every level. Now an ESPN broadcaster and one of the most respected NHL analysts on television. With his trademark hair, custom suits and energetic style, Melrose is applauded for offering fans his honest – tell it like it is opinion.

Written in Barry’s voice and style, the narrative follows his career in hockey, from its start in Kelvington, Saskatchewan, through his years in Junior, the WHA, and finally, the NHL. Along the way, Barry muses on the state of the game, what makes some teams work and other fail, and how he worked to instill a winning attitude in all the teams he coached.

Filled with behind-the-scene stories of all the legendary players Barry played with or coached – Gretzky, Yzerman, Messier, Bobby Hull, and Brad Park – Dropping the Gloves is a true to life, insiders account of the world of professional hockey and an absolute must read for fans of the game.

"Barry Melrose presents a rare, firsthand, realistic look into the world of professional hockey from every perspective . . . and he does it in a manner he has mastered: raw and unpolished."
New York Journal of Books

BARRY MELROSE is one of the few athletes who has played and coached in all three major organizations within the sport of hockey: Junior Hockey, the American Hockey League, and the National Hockey League. As NHL coach he took the Los Angeles Kings — and Wayne Gretzky — to the Stanley Cup finals. For the past fifteen years, Melrose has been commentator and hockey analyst for ESPN TV.

ROGRER VAUGHAN has published biographies of Ted Turner and Herbert von Karajan in addition to 12 other books including The Art of Hitting, with Tony Gwynn; Golf, The Women's Game; and Fastnet: One Man's Voyage, and the story for a feature film (Wind). He has written more than 100 shows (both live and taped) for ESPN. Vaughan currently lives on Maryland's Eastern Shore with his wife, Kippy.