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Biker Billy Cooks With Fire: Robust Recipes from America’s Most Outrageous Television Chef  by Bill Hufnagle

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Each week thousands of viewers tune in to watch Billy roar around the kitchen in his black T-shirt and shades, tossing peppers over his shoulder and lobbing eggshells toward the trash. In his first book, Billy invites you to climb aboard for a culinary road trip as he gets the lead out with a sizzling collection of recipes for every meal of the day. These quick, full-flavored recipes are loaded with “fire” (a code word for some of the hottest peppers available), but Biker Billy’s cuisne is not about torturing the tongue — instead he creates snappy, memorable dishes, such as Lucifer’s Angel Pasta, Spanokopita Diablo, Stuffed Shells from Hell, Blender Blaster Pie, and others that provide a real adventure for the taste buds. Rounding out this unique cookbook is a liberal sprinkling of biker banter, motorcycle tips, and ultra photographs that bring the joy and gusto of the open road into yoiur kitchen.

Bill Hufnagle aka Biker Billy, is the star and producer of Biker Billy Cooks with Fire. The co-owner of Vidlo Video in New York, he is often spotted riding his motorcycle in his hometown of Madison, New Jersey.