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Baseball’s Starry Night: Reliving Major League Baseball’s 2011 Wild Card Night of Shock and Awe  by Paul Kocak

Published by Digitature, March 2012

Baseball’s Starry Night gives you a fan’s-eye view of a night that many have called the most exciting night in the history of Major League Baseball. Going beyond a standard retelling of the balls and strikes and homers and web gems, the book hears from 20 fans in their own words. Loyal fans of the St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays provide exciting and deeply personal eyewitness accounts — either from the stadiums or their living rooms. Get the “you-are-there” feeling.

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Paul Kocak is a professional writer with more than 20 years’ experience. A poet, blogger, humorist, and consummate baseball fan, his humor writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Toronto Globe & Mail, New York Magazine, and the New Statesman (U.K.). He is a frequent contributor to the baseball blog OneFlapDown77.com. A Le Moyne College graduate, Kocak lives with his family in Syracuse, New York. At last count, he has attended games at 19 Major League ballparks. The first game featured Billy Pierce against Whitey Ford at Yankee Stadium.